ISP Decimator vs MXR Smart Gate: Comparison

The ISP Decimator and MXR Smart Gate are both noise-reduction pedals for electric guitars. They are designed to reduce unwanted noise and hum in the guitar signal, such as from effects pedals or electrical interference.

The ISP Decimator is a more advanced noise reduction pedal, with a two-channel design that allows you to adjust the threshold and decay for each channel separately.

It also features a GATE/EXP switch which allows the user to choose between a hard gate or a more natural decay. This gives the player more control over the noise reduction and allows for more precise adjustments to the signal.

The MXR Smart Gate, on the other hand, is a simpler and more basic noise-reduction pedal. It features a single threshold control that allows you to adjust the level at which the noise gate starts to reduce the signal.

It also has a LED indicator that shows when the noise gate is active. This pedal is very simple to use and is a more affordable option than ISP Decimator.

Both pedals are considered to be high-quality and effective in reducing noise. The ISP Decimator is more advanced and has more options, but also costs more.

The MXR Smart Gate is simpler, more affordable, and also a good option for someone who doesn’t need all the features that ISP Decimator has. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your specific needs and budget.

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