JV-880 vs 1080: Comparison

The Roland JV-880 and JV-1080 are synthesizers from the JV series, released in the early 1990s. Here’s a comparison between the two: JV-880 JV-1080 Overall, the JV-1080 is considered a more advanced and powerful synthesizer compared to the JV-880. However, the JV-880 is still a capable synth and offers a more compact and affordable option.

VOX D120VT Tube Replacement

The VOX D120VT amp uses EL84 tubes, which can be replaced if they are worn out or if you want to change the sound of your amplifier. It’s recommended to use tubes of the same type (EL84) and specifications when replacing them. It’s also a good idea to have a professional perform the replacement to … Read more

Celestion 70/80 vs Greenback: What’s the Difference?

Celestion 70/80 and Greenback are two different types of guitar speaker models made by Celestion. The Celestion 70/80 is a speaker with a neutral tone, balanced frequency response, and tight bass, designed for modern high-gain amplifiers. The Greenback, on the other hand, is a classic vintage speaker known for its warm, punchy, and musical tone … Read more

AC15CC1 vs AC15C1: What’s the Difference?

The AC15CC1 and AC15C1 are two models of guitar amplifiers made by the company Vox. The AC15CC1 is a 15-watt combo amplifier that includes a built-in Celestion V30 speaker and a tube preamp section that uses two 12AX7 tubes. It is designed to deliver a classic British tone and has a range of tone-shaping controls, … Read more

Rude Solo Light: All You Need to Know

The “Rude” solo played on a Mackie board is a reference to the popular song “Rude” by Canadian band Magic. The Mackie board is a type of mixing console used in music production and live performance. The solo in the song is played on an acoustic guitar, and the Mackie board can be used to … Read more

ISP Decimator vs MXR Smart Gate: Comparison

The ISP Decimator and MXR Smart Gate are both noise-reduction pedals for electric guitars. They are designed to reduce unwanted noise and hum in the guitar signal, such as from effects pedals or electrical interference. The ISP Decimator is a more advanced noise reduction pedal, with a two-channel design that allows you to adjust the … Read more

Are V Guitars Comfortable?

V-shaped guitars, also known as V-style guitars, are designed with a V-shaped cutaway on the body that allows for easier access to the upper frets. The comfortability of playing a V-shaped guitar will depend on the specific design of the guitar and the player’s own preferences. Some players find that the unique shape of a … Read more

Ampeg 6×10 vs 8×10: What’s the Difference?

The Ampeg 6×10 and 8×10 are both bass guitar speaker cabinets, designed to be used with a bass guitar amplifier head. The main difference between the two is the size of the cabinet and the number of speakers they contain. The Ampeg 6×10 cabinet has six 10-inch speakers, while the 8×10 cabinet has eight 10-inch … Read more

2N5089 vs 2N5088: Comparison

The 2N5089 and 2N5088 are both NPN transistors, which means that they are used to amplify and switch electronic signals. However, there are some differences between the two. The 2N5089 is rated for a higher collector-emitter voltage (VCEO) than the 2N5088, meaning it can handle a higher voltage before breaking down. Additionally, the 2N5089 has … Read more