Are Premier Drums Good?

Premier drum is a British brand that has been producing drums since 1930. They are known for producing high-quality drums that are used by professional drummers and bands around the world. In general, Premier drums have received positive reviews for their build quality, sound, and durability. The brand is known for using high-quality materials, such … Read more

2TEK Bridge Review

The 2TEK bridge is a type of guitar bridge that is designed for use with electric guitars, particularly those with a tremolo system. It is a two-piece bridge that features a saddle system that allows for fine adjustments to the string spacing and intonation, and is known for providing improved stability and sustain compared to … Read more

Are Premier Drums Any Good?

Premier Drums are generally considered to be a good brand of drums by many drummers and musicians. They have a long history of producing high-quality drums that are well-regarded for their sound, versatility, and durability. Premier drums are known for their distinct sound, which is a result of the company’s commitment to using the best … Read more

Where to Put Harmonizer Pedal in Chain

The placement of a harmonizer pedal in a guitar effects chain can vary depending on the desired sound and the other pedals being used. In general, harmonizer pedals are typically placed towards the end of the effects chain, after time-based effects like delay and reverb, and before distortion or overdrive pedals. This allows the harmonizer … Read more

Are MXR Pedals True Bypass?

It depends on the specific MXR pedal model. Some MXR pedals are true bypass, meaning that when the effect is turned off, the signal passes through the pedal without any effect or alteration. Other MXR pedals use buffered bypass, which means that even when the effect is turned off, the signal still passes through an … Read more

James Hetfield Diezel VH4 Settings

James Hetfield, the lead guitarist of Metallica, is known to use the Diezel VH4 amplifier in his rig. The Diezel VH4 is a high-gain, all-tube amplifier known for its versatility and tone. There is no one set of settings that works best for all players, as individual preferences and playing styles will dictate the tone … Read more

Apex 381 vs SM58: What’s the Difference?

The Apex 381 and Shure SM58 are both dynamic microphones, but they have different characteristics and applications. The Apex 381 is a low-cost, entry-level dynamic microphone that is primarily used for vocals and speech. It is often used in live performances, as well as for home recording. The Shure SM58, on the other hand, is … Read more