Boss Rv2 vs Rv3: What’s the Difference?

The Boss RV-2 and RV-3 are both digital reverb pedals made by Boss, a well-known brand in the guitar effects pedal industry.

The main difference between the RV-2 and RV-3 is the number of available reverb types. The RV-2 has eight reverb modes, while the RV-3 has 16. The RV-3 also has a new mode called “Shimmer” which creates a unique high-pitched reverb effect.

Both pedals have stereo inputs and outputs and can be used with either a guitar or a keyboard. They also both have Level, Tone, and Time control knobs which allow you to fine-tune the reverb effect to your liking.

The RV-3 also has a new “Reverb knob” which allows you to adjust the depth of the reverb effect. This can be useful for creating a more subtle or dramatic reverb effect.

Another difference is the RV-3 has a built-in expression pedal input, which allows you to control the reverb level with your foot. The RV-2 does not have this feature.

In terms of sound quality, both pedals are known for their high-quality and natural-sounding reverb effects. Overall, the RV-3 offers more versatility with additional reverb types and the expression pedal input, while the RV-2 is a more budget-friendly option with fewer reverb options.

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