Are Vox Amps Good for Metal?

Vox amplifiers are known for their clean and bright tone, which can be well-suited for genres such as rock, pop, and blues.

While they can be used for metal, they may not be the best choice for certain types of metal music that require a heavy and distorted sound.

However, some Vox amplifiers like the Night Train or some models of the AC series are designed to have a higher gain and can produce a more distorted sound that can be used for metal.

The Night Train is a tube amp that is known for its high-gain tones and versatility.

It’s also worth noting that many guitar players use pedals to add distortion and gain to their sound, regardless of the amplifier they are using.

So even if a Vox amplifier may not naturally produce the heavy distorted sound you’re looking for, you can still achieve that sound by using distortion pedals.

In all, Vox amplifiers can be used for metal, but it depends on the specific model and the type of metal you are playing. It’s always good to try out the equipment before making a purchase decision.

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