Are Flying V Guitars Comfortable?

The comfort of playing a Flying V guitar can vary depending on the individual player and the specific model of the guitar.

The unique shape of a Flying V guitar can make it difficult for some players to get comfortable while playing. The pointy shape of the V can dig into the player’s leg or arm, and the shape of the guitar can make it difficult to reach the upper frets.

Some players may find it to be uncomfortable to play while sitting down as the shape of the guitar can dig into the thigh.

On the other hand, some players find the Flying V to be one of the most comfortable guitar shapes to play. The shape of the guitar allows for easy access to the upper frets and the V shape can be comfortable to hold.

It is important to consider your own playing style and comfort level when deciding whether a Flying V guitar is the right choice for you. It is also recommended to try one out before buying, if possible, to see if it feels comfortable to play.

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