AC15CC1 vs AC15C1: What’s the Difference?

The AC15CC1 and AC15C1 are two models of guitar amplifiers made by the company Vox.

The AC15CC1 is a 15-watt combo amplifier that includes a built-in Celestion V30 speaker and a tube preamp section that uses two 12AX7 tubes. It is designed to deliver a classic British tone and has a range of tone-shaping controls, including a tone cut control, bass and treble controls, and a master volume control.

The AC15C1, on the other hand, is also a 15-watt combo amplifier but with a different configuration. It has a tube preamp section that uses three 12AX7 tubes and a single 12″ Celestion Greenback speaker.

It has a similar range of tone-shaping controls to the AC15CC1 but with the added functionality of an additional gain channel.

Hence, the main difference between AC15CC1 and AC15C1 is the number of tubes in the preamp section and the type of speaker included in the combo amplifier.

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